The average social media user ages 18-64 spends 3.2 hours day on social media. Social Media offers you a direct line to customers, showcase services/products, build a reputation, engage customers and provide quick customer service. Social media management is a sliding scale, we work with you to provide services that best fit your business.

Package 2: Total Social
$1000+ (based on your desires) per month: We source customer content, and create all original content.

  • All the services included in the Starter Social package.

  • Create and Manage Original Content: We work with you and your overall marketing strategy (or create one for you) to develop original images, written content, and a scheduled calendar of strategy to draw customers to your products and services.

  • Adaptive Marketing: We use our decade of social media experience to adapt content to match the highest level of customer interaction utilizing social insights and data management. All to meet your business goals to maximize your marketing efforts.

Package 1: Starter Social
$300 per month: We develop relationships with your customers to source organic content. 

  • 3 top social platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

  • Account Creation: We set up all needed accounts and reserve future accounts.

  • Updates: We update and manage online maps, top review sites, and review major apps to represent accurate information across the web.

  • Customer Service: We learn your products and answer as many customer inquiries as possible, for you. If we can’t answer a question, we connect you, the expert with your customer.

  • Yearly updates: We give yearly updates showing a pulse of your social media marketing impact.


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